Possible Uses of a Portable Mini Fridge

thumbnail (39)If you’re the type who constantly gets miffed with having to drink warm drinks at home, at work, during parties, while traveling, or whenever, then you might want to consider investing in your very own portable mini fridge.

A mini fridge is a much preferable choice over a simple cooler bag, since these bags don’t have the same capacity to really maintain the coolness of the drinks over a long period of time. But where exactly can you use a portable fridge? Here are some suggestions:

  • Outdoor Parties: Do you often have outdoor gatherings in your backyard? Instead of having to go back and forth inside the house just to get a cold one, you can simply have your mini fridge in tow with all the drinks that you and your family or friends can easily reach for.
  • Long Travelling: A portable mini fridge can also come in handy during long travels within the car or a yacht. You can plug it in to keep all your beverages cold, so you won’t have to make a stop nor require the addition of ice.
  • Room: It’s perfectly fine to indulge in personal convenience once in a while. If you’re not too keen on going down to the kitchen just to get cold water or any other drink you want, simply store all of your drinks in your very own mini fridge that you can place inside your room.
  • Small Indoor Gatherings: Having a date night, movie marathon, or game night with your friends? If you’re going to have a special gathering, wherein heading to the kitchen just to grab one refreshment after another could cost you a precious scene or moment on the TV, then having a mini fridge by your side would prove to be of great convenience.
  • Office: Whether it’s in your very own workspace or the boardroom, having a portable mini fridge filled with cold drinks could prove to be a treat to employees and clients.

You can find a highly reliable mini fridge that’s suited for all of these purposes, and more, from Ideas Unlimited Promotions.

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Cruising: Gorgeous Giveaways for your Guests

1383718_532858886792946_825267613_nBoating is a communal activity. You may need crew and want friends along to enjoy the water with you. If you’re just heading onto the lake with the buds and brews that’s one thing, but if you’ve planned a special trip, a cruise, or a competition, providing your crew and guests with a memento or two is a wonderful way to say, “Thanks! I’m glad you were here.”

One of the best ways to make all your guests feel treasured is to give them a custom embroidered hat or shirt with the logo and name of your boat. Not only America’s Cup teams deserve this special treatment, and it’s so much easier and inexpensive to do than you might have imagined! There are actually companies out there who specialize in embroidered boating apparel! 

If you’re doing a specialty cruise, you might consider putting together a boat-to-beach package for your guests which includes custom-embroidered beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, and a good beach book. You can put them all in a custom logo cooler, too, as a finishing touch.  If you’re tastes are more luxurious, you can outfit your cabins with custom-embroidered towels, terry cloth robes, and slippers for your guests to use while on board.

And, if you have a larger craft and crew, what better way to impress your guests than to have them all outfitted in matching, custom logo gear? From the captain to the cabin-boy you can provide a sense of professionalism and ease for you and your guests.

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Benefits of Knitting

christmas-crochet-905207-mHaving a hobby isn’t just about fun and having something to do to prevent boredom.  There are proven health benefits to having a hobby. Knitting, in particular, is a great craft to take up in your spare time.

Knitting helps relieve stress.  Life is full of day to day stressors that can sometimes be overwhelming.  The car that needs a new transmission, the electric bill that is overdue, the work project you have been putting off for far too long is suddenly due, and so many other things that need your attention can make you want to pull your hair out.   While you are focused on knitting and stitch counting, you can put all your other day to day worries aside.  Even for a short period of time, this can do you a world of good, and the repetitive motion of knitting releases serotonin which can make you feel calm, and calmness can lower blood pressure.

Knitting is meditative, and meditation and stress relief go together.  When you’re doing something meditative, you’re focused on the task without thinking about your problems.  Knitting requires meditative focus.

Knitting offers plenty of opportunities for socializing.   Whether you join a knitting group at your community center or have a few friends over for a knitting circle, socializing and knitting go hand in hand, and social interaction is good for your health.

If you have arthritis, you probably didn’t know that knitting can keep your fingers limber.  Knitting can actually improve the dexterity in your hands and fingers.  According to the Arthritis Foundation approaching knitting like it’s a sport by warming up your hands before you get started will help keep your hands nimble and long-term benefits will be seen with less pain will be experienced by arthritis sufferers.

Clotheslinequiltsandhandiwork.com has everything you need to create handmade knit goods that you can wear, display or give as gifts.

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Customized Address Labels Are Much More!

thumbnail (8)When you have your own custom address labels, your life can become a lot easier, as there are numerous ways in which you can use them to work for you. They can do a lot more than ride around in the top left hand corner of the front of an envelope.

OK, everyone knows that address labels can be used as return address labels on envelopes that are mailed, like on cards, letters, and to pay your bills. But they can also come in handy for other reasons, as well. Just say you attend a party with many guests, and the guests are asked to leave the gifts they brought on a communal table. Even if you attached a card, with all the commotion it could easily become detached, however if you backed it up with an adhesive address label attached to the gift box, they’ll be sure to know it came from you.

Whenever you go to a potluck dinner place stickers on all the containers you take, as well as their respective lids. It’s so easy to get lids mixed up, and this way, they’ll know which one is yours. Whether you take food to someone else’s home for a dinner or you just like to cook and make things as gifts, custom address labels can serve a lot of purposes. No matter what you make or prepare, you can always attach one of your address labels to it as a way of personalizing it. You can always place the label somewhere inconspicuous if it interferes with a design or other feature of your crafted item.

And custom labels are wonderful when it’s time to pack for summer camp, or one or more of your kids is packing for college. Items and possessions are much more likely to make it home when they have a name and address attached to them.
If you prefer to leave certain information off your checks, you can always use custom address labels to add that information when you need to. This will prevent a thief from knowing your address.

And custom address labels make great gift tags at Christmas time. As you wrap a present, just slip on an adhesive label, right under the bow! You’ll be able to keep better track of outgoing presents, and the recipients will know which presents are from you.

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Belly Casting

pregnancy-963183-mChances are that if a woman experiences a significant amount of morning sickness or all-the-time nausea/headaches/swelling/lethargy/you name it, she may not become so excited about the prospect of preserving her belly by casting, as while she’s going through the maladies of pregnancy she may imagine herself better off not being reminded of the whole ordeal.

Fortunately, a good portion of these mothers-to-be remain clear headed long enough to cull “the trees from the forest” and in doing so, realize that “this too, shall pass,” and what’s left, once the baby is delivered and the raging hormones of pregnancy subside, will be (eventually?) happy memories of a significant time gone by.

This is why the expectant mother who fantasized at some time prior to the invasive rage of HCG hormones about having a belly casting created should be gently encouraged to go ahead and go through with it, even when she no longer feels like doing anything but heading for the bathroom every 20 minutes. Talk to her, telling her that she will be glad she confronted her nausea/Braxton Hicks/lethargy/soreness etc. in a staunch showdown and proceeded to have her belly cast. Explain that while she may not currently believe it, she will not always feel like she has a bad case of the flu, and that one day she will be glad she can gaze at some amazing artwork on her wall (or elsewhere,) and only reflect upon happy thoughts.

While a belly cast may take a few days to fully dry, they only take about 20 minutes or less to set, once they have been placed in the expanse of area where casting is desired. And once completed, what’s left is a true-life form following the body’s shape during pregnancy, which at some point, will be gone forever. We try to capture that fleeting time of being the vessel for a little human life with ultrasounds, OB-GYN reports, audio of the heartbeat and more. A belly cast is a lovely way to treasure the uniqueness of any pregnancy and the woman who lives/endures it.

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Proper Preparation Is the Best Defense in the Event of a Fire

building-on-fire-1004073-mA fire in the home can be devastating for a multitude of reasons. From property loss and damage to loss of life, this all too common occurrence can negatively impact a family for years to come.

For this reason, fire prevention and safety is crucial to ensure you and your family’s peace of mind. By preparing yourself in the event of a home fire, you can rest assured that you will be ready if tragedy should strike.

Test Smoke Alarms Regularly

Your home should be outfitted with a number of working smoke alarms, and these alarms should be tested at least once a month. It is advised that smoke alarms occupy every floor of a home, and batteries should be changed yearly.

Devise an Escape Plan

While smoke alarms are an important part of fire safety, your family should also devise a working escape plan in the event of a fire. This includes going over important fire safety lessons, as well as agreeing on a meeting place once you are free from harm. For homes without fire escapes, an escape ladder can be highly beneficial.

Teach Children Fire Safety

Be sure to make your children aware of the dangers of fire at a young age. Instruct them on proper procedures in the event of a fire, such as staying low to the ground and checking doors for heat before opening. Also, keep things like matches and lighters out of reach.

Be Wary of Electrical Appliances

Many fires start due to a faulty electrical appliance. Things like bad wiring or malfunctioning electronics can spark a fire that will quickly spread through one’s home. Be sure to use appliances according to the manufacturers’ specifications, and be on the lookout for signs that an appliance isn’t working properly.

By implementing a few common sense practices, you can lessen the deadly impact of a fire in the home should one occur. This preparation can be vital to ensure the safety of those you hold so dear.

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Increasing Battery Life on Your Smartphone

a-girl-with-a-phone-1115760-mWhile a smartphone makes many aspects of your life far simpler, it also has a tendency to promote dependence. If your phone’s battery life is sub-par and you find yourself bereft of a calendar, email access and the Internet midway through the day, you might try several tactics to lengthen the battery’s life.

One of the biggest energy drains on your smartphone is its screen. Turning down your screen’s brightness is a simple, effective way to cut down on energy expenditure. While your smartphone likely has a feature that senses the ambient light level and adjusts the brightness accordingly, try disabling this feature and setting the brightness permanently between 30 and 40 percent.

Your phone also expends a huge amount of energy maintaining its connectivity. Connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS all use up your battery life, so try disabling them when you do not need them. Conversely, if a Wi-Fi connection is available, use it to browse the Internet rather than your data network, as this saves battery life.

Keep track of which apps your phone is running in the background. This is especially necessary if you tend to minimize apps when you are finished with them instead of closing them. If your phone initiates apps on its own and you do not use them, try deleting them from your system.

If you try all of these tactics to extend your battery life, but your phone still dies midway through your day, the phone’s hardware or the battery itself might be the issue. In this case, get your phone evaluated. It’s possible that your smartphone just needs a simple electrical fix or a replacement battery.

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Makin’ It Personal

220938_5266Anything you give someone becomes a special gift with the act of personalizing. Whether it’s something the recipient will be carrying around all of the time or a treasure to sit upon a shelf in the home – if it’s personalized, it resonates with a unique thoughtfulness.  This type of gift lets the recipient know that you put some thought into the item as a gift, and that it’s not something you happened to just pick up on the way to the party or something you had lying around your own house. Personalization takes away the guesswork as it was obviously intended for the recipient.

A really unique item for personalization is a Iphone case.  When the case is personalized, there is no chance of someone mistaking it for their phone, and it’s just easier keep up with your phone if it has any distinguishing characteristics like a personalized case. Iphones are always dropping and breaking, too, so it’s a nice gesture to get someone a tangible way to protect their phone, which is their livelihood, to be sure.

People tend to enjoy personalized key rings, and you can get these particular items with personalized multi-tool sets, or with single tools, such as a tape measure.  There are picture frames and plaques that lovingly remind the recipient of good times and good people, and clever personalized grill sets and poker sets.

Whatever sport you frequent, there’s a water bottle connected to it, with space for your name – right on the front.  Wine and cocktail glasses, thermoses and putting sets…you name it, there is a sufficient variety of personalizable gifts that make it extremely easy to make the most suitable selection the next time the presentation of a gift is in order.  You may be so intrigued by the collection and the great prices that you’ll be inspired to order a few personalized items for yourself!

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Keeping Your Tractor Running Like New…Even When it’s Not

tractor-805938-mYour tractor was built to stand up to a lot of punishment over the many years of its use. Yet despite being designed for durability, issues are bound to arise with its performance. The key to keeping those issues from becoming major problems that leave your tractor unusable for an extended period of time is understanding your tractor’s unique parts and features and knowing how to properly prepare for, assess, and diagnose problems with it. Sound complicated? It needn’t be if you’re willing to follow just a few simple steps:

  • Read the owner’s manual: This may go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t bother to read this material, and by extension, how many know so little about their tractors. Your owner’s manual will include a maintenance schedule, and show how to identify and troubleshoot any minor problems.
  • Get your hands dirty: A complex tractor engine may seem intimidating, yet knowing how its many moving parts fit and work together helps you to correct problems as they arise, saving you the trouble of having to have someone else service it. Invite a mechanic over the first couple of times repairs are needed and use that time to learn what tools and maintenance are needed to keep the tractor running properly.
  • Protect it from the elements: Whenever you can, store your tractor indoors so as to avoid exposure to temperature extremes and other elements of the weather. Large tractors may need to be stored in a barn or a hangar, so keep that in mind as you consider which unit works best for you.
  • Don’t scrimp on parts: Replacement parts is one area where you don’t want to cut corners. If you’re concerned about the price of the tractor manufacturer’s own parts, consider going aftermarket. Many of these parts will offer the same level of performance at a more reasonable cost.

Your tractor represents the tough, rugged image associated with farming. You can keep it running like new even years after the initial purchase by following the steps mentioned above. Doing so ensures your tractor’s presence to be felt on your farm for years to come.

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4 Fabric Trends You May See in 2014

fabric-932885-mA new year brings new trends in the world of fabrics. When you are trying to decide which fabrics you should choose to complete your sewing or reupholstery projects, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of styles, materials, and colors that are available. The following are trends you may see in 2014 that can give you some ideas about where to start.

1.       Add Bling With Metallic

This year, get ready for some metallic in your life. From tablecloths to upholstery choices, you may be seeing more gold and metallic finishes in many fabrics. Natural colors next to metallic accents can add a touch of bling, while still keeping some elegance in your project.

2.       Color, Color, Color

Another trend you may see this year is a return to color. Bright colors, muted colors, and pretty much everything in between can be seen in fabrics both as solids and patterns. Many of the colors may be put together in fresh ways, such as blending various hues of greens and blues together. Other combinations you may see are gold with blue and pink, or peacock feather patterns with deep purples and teals.

3.       Large Prints

Large scale prints are quickly becoming more and more popular, especially ones that have darker backgrounds. Some of the prints you may see are of animals, such as turtles and fish, or giant flowers. If you combine these large prints with fabulous colors, you could end up with a fun handbag or living room chair.

4.       Traditional Fabrics Return

Traditional shapes and patterns are returning to fabrics. Some of these include paisley and ikats. However, these traditional patterns are being paired with modern twists. Many are printed over-sized or with various color combinations such as gray, orange, and yellow, or brown, red, and blue.

With these trends in mind, hopefully you can find inspiration for your next sewing project. There are many different fabrics to choose from, so mix and match them, and have fun doing so.

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